Banaba Leaf Tea

Banaba leaf tea- not banana leaf! – has started gaining a following, thanks in a large part to a segment on Dr. Oz’s medical show where it is marketed as a major weight-loss drink.

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You can find it warm climates such as India, Southeast Asia and the Phillipines where it seems to thrive. The official name is Lagerstroemia Speciosa — not that most people need to know that!

What is so amazing about Banaba leaf?

– Blood Sugar Control

The primary active ingredient is corosolic acid, which can greatly help the body uptake glucose. The exact mechanisms of this are still being researched, but it seems to help the function of insulin by helping to transport glucose from the bloodsteam into the cells. This creates an anti-diabetic effect as the body needs less insulin.

Many Type-II diabetics have reported positive results from taking banaba leaf.

– Helps Control Hunger Urges

Because Banaba leaf regulates the blood sugar so well, it helps the body avoid those peaks where “crashes” lead us to hungrily crave fattening sugars and unneeded carbohydrates. This is one reason is is so often included in health supplements for weight loss.

For controlling the hunger urges, it is recommended to drink your banaba leaf tea with your meal, either directly before or immediately after.

Drinking banaba leaf tea by itself can induce hypoglycemia, so be time your tea drinking around a mealtime.

– Dissolves Kidney Stones!

There is not as much research on this, but more than one forum poster has mentioned their experience using banaba leaf tea to help dissolve their kidney stones. Typically, after several days of drinking banaba, they can strain their pee and find a bunch of shiny minerals. Subsequent scans at the doctors turn up negative.

Banaba Tea – In The Traditional Thailand Formula

It is very likely that there are more active ingredients in banaba than just corosolic acid that lend it this added ability to help the kidneys.

Don’t Take Too Much Banaba!

Unlike many herbs which have no side effects, drinking more than a couple of glasses of banaba leaf tea can actually lead to hypo-glycemic crashes including shaking, headaches and dizziness.

It’s incredible how much these herbal remedies can do to help you feel better. 

Hot Lemon Juice

Benefits of Using Lemon For Dieting Purposes

A lot of diets — especially diets that focus on detoxing your body — focus on incorporating large amounts of lemon juice in hot water.

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However, it appears that those dieting tips may be more on-track than most of the others being hyped these days. In 1939, Jethro Kloss discusses the value of lemons in his timeless natural health guide “Back to Eden”:

“The medicinal value of the lemon is as follows: it is an antiseptic, or is an agent that will prevent sepsis… It is also anti-scorbutic, the term meaning a remedy will prevent disease and assist in cleansing the system of impurities. The lemon is a wonderful stimulant to the liver and is a dissolvent of uric acid and other poisons, liquefies the bile, and is very good in cases of malaria… As a food, we find, owing to its potassium content, it will nourish the brain and nerve cells..”

So, lets look at how lemon juice helps you detox, how lemon improves your overall health, and finally, how to properly use hot lemon juice and water (not that there is any major trick to it!)

How Lemon Helps you Detox:

So, does lemon really help your body purify itself?

Lemon is a Diuretic

Image Courtesy of tö’s

Lemon is found in many books as being listed as a diuretic. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a lot of papers or research into this aspect of lemons. However, people who tried using lemons have stated that they have seen increased urination. This can help the body flush toxins from the kidneys, as well as help lower high blood pressure.

Lemon helps Elimination

What is generally more agreed upon is that hot lemon juice can help as a mild laxative. One of the best ways to use this is make some lemon juice into hot water and drink first thing every morning. This enables the body to cleanse itself and be better prepared to defend itself for the day. After all, a good part of your body’s immune system relies on the health of your gut to operate effectively.

Lemon for Clear Skin

Lemon is noted to help improve the clarity of your skin through a couple of different methods. First of all helps increase the vitamin C content of the body, which directly impacts how healthy the skin appears.

Additionally, you can cut a lemon, and just rub its juice directly into your skin (avoiding the eyes!) which can both help tighten your pores, and acts as a mild astringent, cutting oil the tension in cleansing the skin.

Lemon’s Other Health Benefits

High Vitamin C content

Vitamins C has so many amazing benefits — and is so well known — that it is almost pointless to try to cover it all here. However, one of the biggest benefits of vitamin C is that it improves your body’s production of collagen, helping to heal faster from injury, and increasing your skin’s resistance against cancer. It is also well known that vitamin C can help the body resist colds and flu better, leading to a happier, healthier life.

Lemon is one of the best sources of vitamin C — at 40 mg/ 100 g — it has just 10 mg less than the orange, and more than grapefruit and spinach!

Lemon to Help Balance pH

because our diets are so heavily sugar-based, most of us have bodies that are much more acidic than they should be. although limits themselves are acidic, when they are digested the leave behind an alkaline residue (often called “alkaline ash”), which helps restore the body’s balance away from acidity.

Improving Overall Health

here’s the bottom line, any time, we can replace-bad-for-us drinks, with something that can help reduce hunger cravings, cut the sugar out of our life, and improve major components of our health such as the elimination and immune function, we are on the winning side.

Plus lemon can help heal the body, improving liver function, and carrying asthma attacks and the common cold.

Regularly drinking hot lemon water will put you in that “winning circle”

Tips for Preparing Hot Water and Lemon

  • Before cutting your fresh lemon, you should roll it across a table or flat surface with the palm of your hand, helping to “beat it up a little” and releasing more juice and pectin. (Pectin is great for helping reduce hunger cravings!)
  • Do not mix sugar into your lemon water. First of all, lemon water is actually rather tasty and is a drink have enjoyed for many years. Secondly, sugar is bad for you adding both unnecessary calories and acidity to your body.
  • Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it into about 8 oz of water. Now, this does not have to be hot water, but if you are doing it in the morning to help stimulate your body and digestive system, you will want it to be at least warm water.
  • Other than using lemon juice in the morning, there is no required best way to use lemon for your health. Feel free to experiment, just remember that for optimum health you want to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. And, the more lemon the better!

Banana Leaf Tea

Note: A lot of people are searching for banana leaf tea these days when they really want to be searching for the banaba leaf tea which was featured on the Dr. Oz show and which has a lot of amazing health benefits.

Banana leaves are used in many cultures in a variety of capacities. Cambodian and Indonesian dishes often cook their fish or rice in banana leaves — or at the very least use them as plates for serving the meal.

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Additionally, banana leaves may have some skin benefits such as helping to treat burns. Mostly, people seeking the health benefits of the banana leaf use it as a relaxing solar treatment. They lay under the banana leaf, allowing it to filter out the green rays of light and letting their body soak in the lower wavelengths.

Benefits of Banana Leaf Tea

However, there are a lot of benefits of banana leaf tea, similar to those of green tea. The banana leaf is full of polyphenols including the famous epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG as it is often called. ECGC has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including possibly helping the body to burn weight faster and decreasing the risks of cancer and heart attacks.

The market for banana leaf tea is rather small, but there are a few proprietors offer banana leaf tea blends. Because the banana leaf has such a strong banana flavor, it is most often sold as mixtures with other teas such as rooibois or black tea.

Banana Leaf Tea Preparation

Simply bring your water to a boil and then add the tea. Because the banana is such a tough plant it is recommended to let it steep for at least 5 minutes. This is a couple of minutes longer than the traditional recommendation of 2-3 minutes, but is essential for getting a good brew.

English Tea Sets For a Proper Party

Classic English Tea Sets

I was searching online (doing my Christmas shopping, if you must know) when I ran across these classic English tea set.

Just look at it, isn’t it darling?

It turns out there is quite a market for English tea sets.  Perhaps you are a regular tea drinker and want to share your fine style with your friends.  Or maybe you just want something that will complement your decor.

Because these sets are made by fine bone china, they have a very crisp, delicate feel to them that is simply elegant.

Either way, the classic English Tea sets are a great addition to anyone’s tea set.

There is just something so rich about drinking out of a proper tea cup.

Cheap English Tea Sets

Now, if you are like me, you probably are not anxious to shell out $200 for a classic English tea set — no matter how fine it is.

So I did a little looking around, and found some excellent little sets that are actually under $25.  These cheap English tea sets are quite cute, and would make a perfect gift or as a special set to use for special occaisions.

Of course, many tea sets are made in China these days.  But if you are willing to spend more for a tea set that is “Made in England” you will likely need to pay a little more for it.

English Tea Culture

For me, Britain has always held the aura of possessing the “ultimate tea culture” what with their “tea and crumpets” and so forth.

And while Britain is still the number 2 tea user in the world, they are as traditionally stiff about their tea as they have been in older ages.

However a proper English tea set requires proper serving technique.

 So here is how to perform a proper English tea:
  1. Once the water is boiling hot, add a little bit to your English tea pot and swish it around to rinse and warm it and then pour it out.
  2. Add 1 spoonful of tea for every person present (or one tea bag per person).  A tea infuser may make this easier
  3. Fill with Boiling water.  There should be enough tea made that there is still some left over at the end of the tea party. 
  4. If you do not use an infuser, than place a small strainer on top of each cup as you pour your guests’ tea.  Let them add sugar and milk to taste
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Choosing A Tea Travel Mug

Why a Coffee Mug Will Not Do

I love tea because it is classy, and I love the culture it produces. Many of these mugs are not just functional, they are purely artistic and is the type of accessories to make your office mates jealous.

I know. I’m so vain.

Coffee mugs are entirely different from tea mugs. You see, coffee is poured into its travel mug after it has already been made.

Tea, however, needs a longer steeping process that, well, takes time. In an age of 1 -minute meals, a nice cup of tea can be hard to create for the busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

That’s why these tea mugs are so excellent. All of them have some type of tea filter or infuser basket incorporated into the mug to let you create the tea as you go.

Just add hot water and some loose tea leaves and enjoy!

Here are some quick reviews on some of the hottest travel tea mugs. Scroll down until one catches your eye.

Although, first, a quick note on BPA-free Travel Mugs (and why they matter)

BPA-Free Tea Travel Mug

This. Is. Critical.

BPA or Bisphenol-A is a chemical that our body interprets as a an estrogen. When it enters our bodies it actually disrupts our body’s hormone function.

Since the 1930’s scientists have been concerned about what it was doing to our health. But, well, its cheaper to not have to change.

You want to make sure that your travel mug is not steeping anything but your tea into the water. Choosing a BPA – free mug will protect you from these harmful chemicals.

There’s enough harmful drinks out there, why should your tea kill you?

Copco Tea Travel Mug

Copco Travel Mug

Copco – one of the most well-known and most economical brands out there – is leading the way in creating BPA-free travel mugs that are both stylish and healthy.

Their primary design is a slick plastic number that comes in a couple of primary colors. It also has a clear portion for you to show off your “brew of the day” (after all, tea is a creation — not just a drink)

And, of course this Copco has a BPA – free insert to make sure that your hot tea water is not exposed to harmful chemicals.

JOEmo Tea Travel Mugs

Joemo has a whole industry around building the best travel tea mugs in this industry. These travel mugs are stainless steel and have a fine mesh strainer to help make sure that you don’t end up with “chunkies” floating in your tea. (Ok, so a few might get by, but this mug is better than most)

JOEmo Travel Mug for Tea

The Highwave Element and Highwave original mug are 13 ounce numbers that are designed to fit all car coffee holders. Definitely the one to go with if you tend to have smaller cup holders

They also have the TC tea mug which holds 14 ounces, and has a more contoured grip for easy handling.

One of the biggest advantages of the JOEmo mugs is that they are virtually leak-proof. Always an advantage in crazy, rush hour traffic.

Those are the two top brands mugs I’ve found that are definitely BPA- free AND have a an infuser basket. There are a few other mugs whose manufactures I have contacted to see if their products are BPA-free.

Hopefully, we will have more to add to this list soon!

Benefit Your Body – Drink Dandelion Tea!

Those Scones Look Good, But Don't Forget To Eat The Dandelions!

image Courtesy of jamieanne

Here we will discuss the amazing health benefits of dandelion tea. If you’re looking for tips on how to prepare dandelion tea, or where to purchase dandelion tea try our article “Dandelion Tea — Taste and Preparation

This article is quite in-depth, and covers most of the major benefits of dandelion tea. Just scroll down to the heading you are looking for and read the part you need!

Dandelion Tea For Detoxification

Our bodies are faced with a myriad of chemicals every day. Over time these accumulate and cause our systems to work more slowly. Dandelion tea can work as a great detox to help our bodies flush these chemicals from its system.

Dandelion tea helps our bodies detox by cleansing your major circulatory systems. Most specifically by cleansing your blood and digestive systems.

Here are the three ways dandelion tea helps you detoxify your body:

Dandelion Tea For Liver Cleansing

Scientific studies have pointed to dandelion tea increasing the enzymatic activity of the Phase II detoxifying enzymes in the liver. These enzyme are critical for helping the body process many chemicals such as those associated with drug treatment and antibiotics.

It is often hypothesized that a host of new diseases, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and even Parkinson’s disease and cancer, are created because our bodies are faced with a host of new chemicals every day which accumulate in our fat cells over time, and eventually cause problems.

Dandelion Tea For Increased Bile Production

Dandelion tea increases bile production in the liver. It not only increases the bile production, it also stimulates the entire gastric tract, helping to improve digestion and flush out stubborn wastes.

Dandelion Tea For Blood Cleansing

Dandelion tea stimulates the kidneys, increasing their urine output. In order to increase this output, the kidneys use increased blood circulation and dilated ureters to pull water from the blood.

In processing more blood, the kidneys are able to more efficiently cleanse the body of wastes and toxins that may have built up in the blood. Also, the increased blood circulation helps the blood to remove toxins trapped in the hidden areas of the body and bring those to the kidneys for efficient removal.
Just remember to drink plenty of water when using a dandelion tea detox.

Dandelion Tea As A Diuretic:

Dandelion tea can be a great Diuretic, relieving water retention in the body. One of the biggest benefits of a dandelion tea is that it is full of potassium so that it does not deplete your body of potassium as so many other diuretics do.

Dandelion tea triggers the kidneys to excrete more urine. This helps the body rid itself of excess water, as well as help eliminate toxins that might be lodged in the kidney. When using large amounts of dandelion tea, be sure to supplement it with extra water intake to keep from becoming dehydrated.

Dandelion tea also does not seem to cause many side effects with most medications. It is extremely mild to could probably drink up to 4 cups a day if you need to.

Dandelion leaf seems to work best when trying to use dandelion tea as a diuretic. The root may have some effect, but the leaf will be your best bet.

Dandelion Tea And Weight Loss

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Because retained water can lead to added weight in the body and poorer overall health, dandelion tea has often been listed among weight loss remedies. One of the most popular weight-loss remedies that mention dandelion tea is one that Jillian Michaels has included in her seven day diet.

Jillian Michaels Dandelion Tea Recipe:
Boil 1 Dandelion Tea Bag in 60 ounces of filtered water.
Then Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
Add 1 tablespoon of sugar-free cranberry juice.

Drink the 60 ounce mixture every day for a week. It is designed to help your body flush its excess water weight, to help you look immediately slimmer. Plus it helps ensure enough fluid intake to help you reduce cravings.

Dandelion Tea And Kidney Stones

Because dandelion tea increases the output of urine, it can help you pass kidney stones. Dandelion tea’s diuretic effects also help increase blood circulation to the kidneys, and your kidneys can use all of the support they can get during a stressful time such as a kidney stone.

A Little Gravel Root Tincture Can Make Things Easier

If you are dealing with kidney stones, you may consider looking into something such as Gravel Root which can directly help soften the stone.

Dandelion Tea During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

As with all herbal teas, you should check with your care provider before you using them during pregnancy. However since dandelion tea is a mild diuretic, it may be able to help relieve edema and swelling. As with any any diuretic it must used with extreme caution during pregnancy. We do not want the body to relieve so much fluid that it begins to endanger the baby amniotic levels

However, once the child is born, dandelion tea can be good news for breast-feeding mothers. Dandelion tea may help increase lactation. It also can help rid the body of drugs and excess fluid that the body may be trying to hang onto after the pregnancy.

Dandelion Tea For Acne Treatment

Dandelion tea has many of the major acne fighting minerals and vitamins in it. Vitamins A, B, C and D and zinc, are all included in the in dandelion (especially in the leaves!) and are a great help to creating clearer skin. Plus, since the dandelion helps cleanse the liver, it can increase your body’s ability to process toxins.

However, it should be noted that acne is typically caused by overproduction of hormones, and not directly by toxins in the body. That said, there are a lot of users who have seen positive benefits with their acne symptoms by incorporating dandelion tea into the diet

In addition to drinking dandelion tea, you can also try dandelion tea compresses. Pour some warm dandelion tea into a bowl and use a washcloth to apply hot dandelion tea compresses to your face. Alternate this every two minutes with splashes of cool water, and then reapply the compress. Repeat this several times. Perform this routine each night to help your body absorb the nutrients through your skin.

Dandelion Tea — Side Effects And Drug Interactions

Dandelion tea is generally considered to be safe, however there are some individuals who may have an allergic reaction to the flower. So if you know that you are allergic to dandelions, marigolds, chamomile, ragweed or other similar flowers, you should not try dandelion tea.

The dandelion tea does increase bile flow, so if you have inflamed or infected gallbladder, or a bile obstruction, then you also should consider avoiding dandelion tea.

Also, while dandelion tea is helpful for the dissolving of gallstones it should not be supplemented for a doctor’s professional opinion and treatment.

Dandelion tea may also lower blood sugar, and could cause problems for people with hypoglycemia.

Drug interactions with dandelion tea has not been studied extensively. However there are a few drugs which dandelion tea may affect. Lithium appears to be less effective in studies with rats, when dandelion tea is taken. Also, people taking blood thinners such as Plavix may be a risk for increased bleeding when trying dandelion tea.

There are also several antibiotics, which are less effective when taking dandelion tea.

Dandelion Tea – Taste and Preparation

Dandelion Tea is Super-Healthy!

image Courtesy of Sarah and Nic

Summer is here, and so are those pesky dandelions. Remember when you used to rub them on your face to make it yellow?

(Oh, that was only me that did that?)

All of the parts of dandelions are edible. The roots and stems. The flowers. The whole plant!

I will tell you from experience,though, that the stems are rather nasty. However, the leaves and flowers make a great addition to salad. They are slightly bitter, but when used in moderation, they add a little zip and are full of vitamin A.

Dandelion tea offer so many amazing health benefits. Many of which have been documented by scientific studies. Quite frankly, we could devote an entire website just to dandelion tea. However, we will just touch on a few of its key benefits, and a couple of preparation tips for those wanting to give a try.

If you are wanting more information about the many health benefits of dandelion tea, check our article “Dandelion Tea Benefits”

Dandelion Tea Taste:

Dandelion tea is typically either created from the root of the plant or from its blossom. Each tea has a distinctly different taste.

Dandelion tea is not a tea that you typically drink just for the enjoyment of it. It does have a rather herbal taste to it, (some people call it a “dirt” taste) and is typically more enjoyed by people who know the benefits it provides to their bodies.

I, personally have enjoyed dandelion tea on occasion, however I did notice that it took me a couple of cups before I really enjoyed the tea. However, it is not something that I typically drink on a regular basis since there are so many other amazing piece that I enjoy drinking.

The Taste of Dandelion Root Tea:

Dandelion root tea has a slightly roasted, coffee taste. In fact, many people enjoy dandelion root as a caffeine-free coffee substitute. It lacks the acidity of coffee, and it typically goes through less processing, making it a healthier drink (Decaffeinated coffee is uses formaldehyde to remove the caffeine from the coffee, which can be dangerous for your health over time.)

Coffee lovers will notice a difference between dandelion tea and coffee. Let’s face it, there’s no substitute for coffee! So expect dandelion tea to be a little bit of an acquired taste.

Dandelion Root Tea at a Low Price!

Dandelion root is easily purchased, or you can also make it yourself. Scrub the dandelion roots well and roast them on a cookie sheet at about 250°. while roasting them in the oven turned them frequently with a spatula, and leave the oven door crack, letting the moisture escape to help them to dry.

Once dried, you can either just chop them finely or run them through a grinder to create a more coffee-grounds appearance. Do not chop them too finely, or it will be hard to keep them strained out of your tea.

While we never want you to over-sweeten your tea, you will probably want to have some sort of light sweetener in your dandelion root tea.

The Taste of Dandelion Leaf or Blossom Tea:

Best Prices on Dandelion Leaf Tea!

Dandelion leaf tea is often considered to be a more enjoyable drink than dandelion root tea. It still contains many of the same beneficial ingredients, but with a much milder taste.

Dandelion leaf tea is generally not used as replacement for coffee, but is instead enjoyed for its own health properties. For example, a dandelion leaf tea makes a better diuretic than the dandelion root does.

Dandelion blossom tea is hard to find. However, you can easily make it on your own by picking the blossoms from a dandelion and sticking them into a tea bag. Dandelion leaf tea is easily purchased from online retailers, or at your local health food store.

How To Choose The Best Travel Coffee Mug

A tall, black coffee at Starbucks is $1.60.

A cheap, black coffee that is twice the size of the aforementioned Starbucks brew, but tastes like cigarette butts is $1.29.

A good Coffee Travel Mug is…

It’s a good investment. Being able to take your own, homebrew coffee with you wherever you go, can save you a ton of money. Many coffee drinkers (like myself) can easily drop $4 a day at Starbucks. (IAnd that is probably low. If you chat with the baristas you might even hear about the regulars that stop in 3 or more times in a day)

A Good Coffee Travel Mug Will Make You $30,000 Richer

David Bach, author of Automatic Millionaire calls our expensive coffee habit the “Latte Factor” and blames it as a primary cause of our continual poorhouse state.

He’s probably right. A $4 per day Starbucks habit will cost you about $1440 per year.

Invest that cash in a 4% bond and your coffee fund could make $30k richer after 15 years.

So how does one Choose a good Coffee Travel Mug?

First of all, you need that bugger to be leak proof. I can’t tell you how many times I have spilt coffee on myself. It is disgusting.

At the same time, you need it to be easily opened with just one hand. Look for a button or a thumbswitch setup on your next coffee travel mug. And keep in mind, the smaller and easier the better.

Setups like this Thermos Stainless King are excellent at being leakproof, but may make one handed opening a tad harder with its long-throw thumbswitch.

(Of course, that isn’t a deal breaker. The Thermos Stainless King has a lot of fans.)

You also want to think about the coffee travel mug’s insulation. How well will it keep hot things hot? Is the hot coffee going to burn your hands through the wall of the thermos as you try to carry it to your car? Make sure to buy a thermos that is double-walled (most are), and preferably one that either has a handle or an extra rubber grip to insulate your hand.

The Contigo AutoSeal Receives Great Ratings by Good Housekeeping

And for those of us who just refuse to kick the Starbucks habit, you can take your new coffee mug and get a refill. They knock 10 cents off the price of your drink, and you do the planet a favor by eliminating one extra cardboard cup.

Bottom line is, having your own coffee mug will provide residual benefits for both your pocket book and the environment.

Coffee Mugs

Choosing a Ceramic Coffee Mug
We have the tradition in our family of buying a local coffee mug whenever we travel. We have one from the Sears Tower, one from Dallas, Texas and one from Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Each one has its own memory, and it’s hard to not drink your morning mug of coffee without promising yourself another vacation soon.

I, personally feel that every person needs at least one favorite ceramic mug. This is your go-to mug that you use every morning, and its the mug that everyone else in the household knows to leave alone.

It might have a great design, color, shape, feel – or a combination of all of the above which makes it your favorite coffee mug.

For me, a quality ceramic coffee mug is all about the feel. Its that feel which creates the coffee drinking experience. Sure, there is the science of a heavy coffee mug – it helps insulate the coffee and keep it warm longer. But a heavy coffee mug is more than that. That heavy coffee mug also gives coffee drinking a certain grounded reality in a world of change.

Believe me, a solid coffee mug will outlast many bosses, jobs and homes.

Travel Coffee Mug

A travel coffee mug needs to be chosen correctly for the job. Are you the type that gulps down the morning coffee while jockeying traffic, a blackberry and a 5-Speed transmission. You will need a smaller travel coffee mug with anti-spill properties in it. By smaller I mean at least 12 ounces and preferably 16 ounces. (You do plan to stay awake all Monday, right?)

16 Ounce Coffee Mug

However, some coffee mugs lead more adventurous lives. When there’s is no convenient access to Starbuck’s refills you will need a travel coffee mug with a little larger capacity. There’s nothing that beats a Coleman metal tank for beating around the work site and providing warm coffee all morning long.

Starbucks Coffee Mug

Of course, Starbucks have established themselves as the complete source for all things involving coffee. And rightfully so, their products and coffee blends continue to be some of the best.
A new line of reusable mugs have been developed to go wherever you go, and are designed to match the size of standard coffee cups. This enables coffee shops such as Starbucks to offer refills in their standardized sizes without. It also enables coffee aficionados to enjoy their drinks without constantly polluting the environment with those disposable cardboard cups.

Ceramic Mugs For Tea

Ceramic mugs are a must-have in the tea drinker’s life.  Hot tea cannot be drunk from just any fluid-holding device.  I mean, hot, soothing tea from a plastic cup? I think not.

Ceramic Tea Mug with Infuser

Ceramic tea mugs retain the tea’s heat, allowing for a longer, more pleasant tea drinking experience.  Plus, they warm slightly, adding even more physical comfort as they are held.

I prefer thick, heavy ceramic mugs. Preferably not too heavily weighted on the bottom, but strong and well-made ceramic mugs are my favorite.

Ceramic tea cups are typically a little lighter in construction and perfect for an afternoon setting.  A ceramic mug, however, is typically going to be heavier and more suited for focused tea drinking when you really want to enjoy the tea itself.

Ceramic Mugs also make an excellent gift idea.

While you might not want to drink tea out of any old cup, a nice tea mug can be used for nearly any occasion.  (Plus, if you are buying it for a non-tea drinker, they can still use a quality ceramic mug as a decoration or  – horrors – a pen holder)

Ceramic Pottery Mugs are typically hand-crafted on a pottery wheel, and provide the ultimate tea-drinking experience. They combine weight, balance and beauty all in one.

Handcrafted Pottery Mug

The many different glazes used to create the ceramic pottery mugs bring out there individual colors. All you have to do is choose your favorite style and gift wrap!

Blank Ceramic Mugs can either be customized with professional printing, or can be customized on ones own with a marker.

Decorate Your Own Teacup Crafts

Starbucks has produced several ingenious little blank mugs that allow one to leave a message for their loved one on it with nothing more than a sharpie.

Or go all out and get custom mugs printed for your business, event or season.

Ceramic Tea Cups are, finally, a must have for any entertaining household.  These ceramic mugs are going to be used for entertaining a larger number of guests, so the focus is not going to be on each individual style, so much as it is on how they fit into the overall decor.

When buying ceramic tea cups for entertaining, you may wish to go with a very uniform look, or mix it up with different styles, or colors.

In the end, tea drinking is all about the tea. But having a quality ceramic tea cup can make all the difference in your tea drinking experience.